When asked about the outcome Friday night Coach Jones had nothing, but great things to say about the team from Comanche. He said of them, “Probably the best overall team that we’ve played since I’ve been here. Just big, fast and physical.”

Asked about the players that were out Jones said, “Regardless of who is in or out for us we’ve still got to go out and play the game. We have to get that next guy up mentality as a team, go out and execute. We don’t feel bad for other teams when they have players out and we can’t feel bad for ourselves.”

The 21-0 deficit in the first quarter was discussed. Coach Jones said, “We didn’t see anything that surprised us when we went out there to play. Comanche came at us in a way that we just hadn’t seen anything like it in our two scrimmages. You have to pick up your pace of play and adjust when that happens and we did, but not until the damage had been done. We have to be ready to go from the start of the game from now on.”

“We didn’t capitalize on several opportunities throughout the game that could have resulted in a much different outcome. We can use that to teach and to learn from as we move forward in the weeks ahead,” he said.

Jones continues, “One concern I have is we’re going to have to figure out as a team how to run the ball when people know you are going to run it. I think we have the ability to make that happen moving forward.”

Asked about this week’s opponent, Grape Creek, Coach Jones had plenty to say. “They are a very explosive offense, most similar to what you would see out of Texas Tech. Their Quarterback is very good and athletic. He’s started since he was a freshman, so he is experienced as well.”, he continued, “Defensively they run a 4-3(4 linemen and 3 linebackers). We are planning on having a more conditioned team that can use our physicality to wear them down throughout the game.” Playing for the Eagles will be former Ballinger student athlete Seth Mitchell and in this case Ballinger’s loss is very much Grape Creek’s gain. Coach Jones is looking to see a lot of Seth getting the football in one on one situations that will look to stress the Bearcat secondary.

One player Coach Jones really felt had an outstanding game was #62 Brandon Lancaster who was filling in at linebacker in his first varsity action. Coach Jones said moving forward that his plan is to get Brandon on the field as his physicality at the point of attack is something that the Bearcats can use in the weeks ahead.

Ballinger @ Grape Creek 7:30PM Friday, September 2nd

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