Yet to lose this season and really yet to be in a game that’s close in a long time the 8th Grade Bearcubs are a group of boys that are getting people excited. One of the things that you could call this team is a legacy team. All over the team there are kids littered up and down this roster who had parents, grandparents or both that have been part of the building of Ballinger into the program that it is. When watching this team it is easy to see the potential that they have should they continue to work and develop over the next several years. Potential, however, does not win games. For now they are a fun group of kids to watch as we get a glimpse in the stands of how good they could possibly be.

The 7th grade Bearcubs seem to be finding their footing as well after a close loss to Junction. Discovering who their playmakers are over the next few years as they come into their own will be very entertaining.

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