If there is one group of people that rarely get attention for what they do it would be the city worker. If there is a bump in the road that is too big, or the water isn’t perfect the blame is always placed at their feet. What many residents in all communities don’t like to acknowledge is that not only do these workers have to try and fix all the problems, like you they have to live with them. I would imagine if there was an easy fix to all the problems our roads and our water face on a daily basis they would be the first ones rushing to get it fixed. Road crews have been working relentlessly over the past several months fixing some of the worst roads we have. After years of neglect City Manager Bryan Grimes and the city crews are attacking the problem head on.

This morning a leak was noticed a leak on a 16 inch water line. After uncovering the line a pinhole leak was discovered where the flange was bolted to the saddle.

No one had a part to repair the leak, so the department is getting an overnight delivery from Texarkana.

instead of allowing the leak to continue the Water and Street Departments used “street smarts” and made a “band aid” to hopefully keep the leak in check until the parts arrive. It would of been easy to walk away, but the guys found a way to get it done….if only for today.

The men that work their tails off to keep our town running need a pat on the back more often than not. After all, when they hit a pothole they don’t even have anyone to complain to. Great job to Carlos Ruiz, Justin Smith, Anthony Nombrano, Robert Ruiz, Clyde Kresta, Scotty Watkins, and Rodney Fenwick.

When the part gets in tomorrow, they will be working as diligently as they can to make sure the fix is done.



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