Hello to All:


It has been a quiet week out here.  The cooler weather is welcomed.

I did get some mowing done, here and there but not enough.  I did go in to Ballinger and mow for a couple of days at Judy’s place.  May have lost one of her roses bushes in spite of the recent rain.   It is amazing how much a weed will grow with such minimal moisture.

Judy got a chance to go to OK for a couple of days.  She met up with old friends and went to look for the old home place.  The house had been moved and she never found it.  However, at the original site she dug up some of her mother’s flower bulbs that have been there for 63 years and no one has done anything to the flower bed in a good 50 years.  We hope they will transplant

To Talpa so that we can enjoy them here.

Judy talked to Maureen who said that she was feeling better.

Rudy and Oswald spent most of last week under the house next door.  I promise you that when they are finished the floor will be level, no

squeaks and will support a lot more weight.  They will also add a full bath and a half bath.  The new owner, John, wants to put in a cast iron tub.


I went by the Gun and Knife show.  They didn’t have anything that I just couldn’t live without.  I did buy a raffle ticket with hopes of winning that rifle.

Can you imagine shooting a rat with an M-16?  I am still trapping big rats on a regular basis.  I am told that this is a problem everywhere.  They said that cold weather would drive them into a den for the winter.  I told my sister in Odessa that I was going to start skinning the rats and send her the pelts to make her a winter coat.  Or house shoes with a little head at the top of each shoe.  She has no sense of humor.

So, that is the way it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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