Hello to All:

From Maureen:

Good News, Pastor’s grand daughter is home from the hospital and is doing much better.

Plans for Good News Club are to start on October 3rd at 5pm.  The title of the firsts six lessons is The Wordless Book.  Sounds intriguing? It is.


It has been a quiet week out here, and much cooler.  This is the first time in months that we can sit in the living room and just have the windows open.

I went to Ballinger and mowed and weed wacked on Judy’s lot.  It is much bigger when you get to mowing it than just looking at it.  I also have been loading some of the large stones that were part of the foundation.  Some weigh a lot more than I do.  However, you can get them to rolling and get it up on the Tommy Lift and it will pick it right up.  Then just slide it on the truck bed toward the middle, over the axel.  Bring them out to Talpa and dump them in the front yard.  I am building a sort of “fence” out of them.  Judy has decorated them with empty buckets and one large tin chicken. The three tubs are still behind the new wall.  May put up a sign, “Bath 50¢. If it rains and fills the buckets with water.  Bring your own towel.”  Or something….

I did some serious mowing out here.  Our new neighbor to be, John Maroni, left his neat little tractor for me to use, a Kubota that has two mowing devices.  One, A Brush Hog that will mow up and through a big prickle pear patch, yucca or mesquite up to a certain size.  The other is just for regular grass mowing.  I mowed my yard and my outback to the railroad street and John’s yard about the same size.  Took me about 2 hours with that tractor and I am sure it would take me two or three weeks using that walk behind mower.

Rudy and Oswald continue to remodel that house for John.  After a couple of weeks under the house getting the floor level and braced up, they are taking out walls and adding bathrooms and redoing the kitchen, etc.  Not a small undertaking.

Well, the time has come for our new Postmaster to come on full time.  This is Leighann Fikes.  Unless I got one of the ladies who have been filling in confused with another.  Monday is a holiday so I guess it will be Tuesday.

I am still in the “rat trapping” business.  I catch one just about every day.

One was trying to get under Judy’s car last night and “the Whammer” got him.  This trap is about 10” long and pack a pretty good wham.  I know because it has slipped a couple of times and whammed my finger or thumb.  When that happens, the cats get their vocabulary enlarged.  Also put out poison and that appears to be have been effective.

So it goes in our quite little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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