Bring it Back! That is the rallying cry for new girl’s coordinator, Coach Stacy Smalley. The average fan might be wondering what they’re referring to.

Coach Smalley grew up in a time when the Ballinger LadyCats were in the midst of a terrific run of basketball. She knew that their was a great tradition of winning for a program in the middle of a rough stretch. She was shocked when she arrived in Ballinger and saw no signs of the tradition that she knew existed hanging from the rafters of the gymnasium.

Upon arriving she started talking to the players and it became clear to her that they were not happy with the decisions that had been made, “They felt like the winning tradition of the program had been taken from them” she said. Former players from District and Regional championship teams, that were the reason many of the current girls play no longer had their pictures lining the walls.

There was an immediate desire within the program to honor those that came before. To honor the success and desire to achieve more.

Along the walls in the gymnasium are some of the all time great teams. Gold balls are no longer stashed in a display case, they are displayed in the girls locker room. Every time they dress for practice or a game they get to see what they can achieve through hard work and dedication.

Breaking in a new offense and defense has been tough on the LadyCats, but there are many positives to note. They are a young team again this year as they only have one Senior in Lexus Gonzales.

There will be bumps in the road, but get ready as these players prepare to Bring it BACK!

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