The news continues to be disturbing. There are many things happening in our world that can, if we let them, bring a great deal of fear into our lives. Politics, economics, immigration, racism are just a few subject matters that can have a major impact on individuals, communities and nations. There can be very disturbing things happen in our world. Turmoil, riots, insecurity, hunger, poverty and death are sometime  the result of bad politics, poor economy, an overflow of refugees and racial hatred.

World history will remind us of the fact that this earth will always have these factors affecting our lives. Biblical history will confirm it. We live in a world that is flawed. The battle will rage on and on as long as there is time. World history may remind us of what has been and Biblical history will tell of the ever changing powers, famines, wars and rumors of wars; but our Bibles also share something so very important as we live through the injustices of life.

Our Bible will remind us that God is the Creator and Jesus Christ is the Lord. We have encouragement and hope that does not come from resolving the world’s problems. We have a hope that is outside of our physical conditions. Christians are citizens of a kingdom where Christ is king. We have a citizenship in the heavenly realms. We need not live in fear of what may happen to us on our journey as strangers in this world. For the God of heaven and earth is far more powerful than any force on earth.

    Let us be reminded of Christ’s victory over Satan, sin and death. He gives us the victory through our faith and obedience in Him. We live victorious lives not because the political conditions are as they should be, not because the economy is booming, or because the world is settled and at peace. Our victory is in our faith. Our hope is built on Jesus’ precious blood that pays the debt we could not pay. He reconciles us to God. Thanks be to God!   

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