Hello to All:


It has been a quiet week out here.  The cold did come and then we were blessed with a couple of warm days.  I didn’t make the trip to Dallas.  It was just too cold for me to have to get out and change a flat or something.


I want to share some “thoughts” that a local philosopher put down on paper and shared them with me.  I will pass these along as he gives them to me.

’84 — fetched up 6 coons.

’89 – Scraped 10 coons, taken on 3rd of Dec. The fat weighed 30 lbs. , an

Average of 3 lb. apiece.

’91 – Watched both Dallas and Houston win their games.


Esley and Jessica are in the news again this week.  They brought the new

baby boy home.  His name is Esley Cross Anderson.  They will call him Cross.

Judy and I went over and took him some clothes and got to hold him for a while.  He is doing really well for just a couple of days old.  If he is dry and has a full tummy, he is good to go and sleeping really well.  Ashlyn is proud to be his big sister.


Christmas day we spent being a bit lazy.  Which was also a good way to use the present we gave to us.  Actually we got it a couple of months ago but agreed to give it to us for Christmas.  It is one of those Sleep Number beds.

It is king xl size and each side can raise and lower the head or foot independently or adjust the firmness.  I can tell the difference in my sleep comfort as Judy does also.   She configures her side completely different from my side. That solves a number of problems.  You have probably seen the tv commercial where the husband starts to snore and the wife raises his head and he stops the snoring.  It really works.  I just go ahead and raise my head some.  The raised head makes it a lot more comfortable if I read for awhile.

There is also a setting from 1-100 for softer or firmer.

One of our neighbors stopped by to report that he has been taking care of a dog that just sort of wandered up to his house.  He said that it is a white female dog with brown spots on her backside, about 40 to 50 lbs. She showed up last Thursday, If anyone is looking for a dog that this just about describes, please call 325-977-2316.


We have a couple of pecan trees and there are a lot of pecans on the ground under a lot of leaves.  Judy and I were out raking the leaves around and picked up nearly three big buckets of pecans.  Then Judy moves some leaves and there is a small rattle snake, maybe 10” long…frozen stiff.  But it does plant the thought that they might be crawling around under the leaves.  I think we have most of the pecans picked up but I am going to get out the leaf blower before I reach down to pick up any more.   We were both using the spiral wire thing to pick up most of them , but still, there he was.  Next one might not be frozen. I wacked him behind the head anyway.  And so it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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