Hello To All:


It has been a quiet week out here.  The traffic on Hwy 67 was almost nonexistent.   On New Years Eve I did hear some fireworks going off but it was more like 9:30 than midnight.  I have not actually been up for the stroke of midnight on New Years in , oh, say 50 years or so.

On New Years day, I went to San Angelo for dinner with my youngest son, Kelly, and his family.  The two boys are now taller than me, much stronger and better looking.  My granddaughter has grown from being “cute” to beautiful.  Told Kelly that I would go borrow a backhoe to dig a mote around the house to keep the boys away.  I asked if she had to be 35 before she started dating.  He told me that he didn’t think the convent will  allowed dating.  I took a pot of black eyed peas that Judy had cooked up.  I am not sure that they actually bring good luck but don’t want to chance it.  I was reading on the internet that the tradition in Spain is to eat 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight and be finished before the 12th chime of the clock.  I am going to look into the possibility of starting our own tradition in Talpa.  It will probably involve tacos.

Here are a few more of the thoughts that our local philosopher knows :

’93 –  youngest daughter got her driving license

’96 –  scraped and put 6 coons on stretchers

’97 –  scraped and put on stretchers 55 coons.  Go to town and check prices

and $9 was tops.  [he didn’t say if that was apiece or for all of them]

’02 –   catch 8 snakes on rail road tracks


I don’t have any New Years resolutions that I want to declare.  A friend in the Austin area said that she was going to gain 15 lbs.  That was the only thing that she thought that she could do for sure.  Losing 15 lbs. is out of the question.  My much older sister, Janet, said that she had written up a list but couldn’t remember where she put it.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County


Talpa Bob

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