Hello to All:


Maureen is back!

Maureen said they had dinner at Voss Baptist Church on Sunday.  It’s a very enjoyable time when they all can get together and eat, talk and clean up afterwards.  Even the cleaning up is fun when they do it together.

They will be having Good News Club starting on the 11th of January.  The children meet at Immanuel Baptist Church in Talpa at 5:00pm and stay for supper at the church.

Anyone who lives in the general vicinity of Talpa is welcomed to join us for supper and prayer meeting.

They have dinner at the Voss Baptist church on the second Sunday of each month.  You will be most welcomed to join them on any given Sunday to worship and eat dinner with us.

Maureen’s daughter stopped by on Friday to share a dinner from Panther Creek Bar-b-que.  She was on her way to Snyder so she could watch Brody’s basketball  game on Saturday morning.  We are all supposed to meet for supper and celebrate grandson Grady’s 1st birthday on Saturday  evening.  Maureen and H.M. will probably not go if this rain comes in as expected.  Driving in from San Angelo in the rain and dark is not a pleasant time.



It has been a quiet week out here.  I did go to Dallas on Sunday and back on Tuesday.  My blood tests and other procedures came out just fine.  This is one of those follow ups that you keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.  I stayed with my daughter and her family in Wiley.  We got in a good visit and I enjoyed getting to have some quality time with my granddaughter , Hannah, who is 15.  My last Dr. appointment was to be on Tuesday at 4:30 but I called and they were nice to back it up to 1:00 and I saved driving home in the dark.  I don’t see too well at night anymore.

A few remembrances of the local Philosopher:

Last week for the 4th, the $9 was tops for one coon, not the whole bunch.

11 – Jan – 77  pen up goats.  Hand grind 3 hindquarters deer.  Cook off

4 gallons Coon fat.  Clean shop.

11-Jan-93 first full day at work with Brown-Root  work at OH Ivie

11-Jan 88 snake hunt.  See 1 small one. Snakes fetch $8 – $9 lb.

1-18-03  Call all night 12 – 15 places, 4 sets of eyes.  Fetched up 1 grey fox,

2 bob cats and 1 coon.

1984-85  walk 70 miles in 12 nights.  140 raccoons since season started Dec. 1st.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County

Talpa Bob

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