Hello to All:

From Maureen:

H.M. and Maureen skipped the birthday party for the great grandson last week because of the foul weather. Saturday night brought very strong winds with a lot of moving around of things in the yard.

They enjoyed lunch at the D.Q. on Sunday after church.

I has been a quiet week out here.  We enjoyed a few days of bright sun and strong winds.  That wind out of the North would cut right thorough your jeans.  Hope for a few more warm days.  If the usual weather pattern holds for this year, the last of the cold, wet, icy, windy weather will be in March.

Just try to tough it out until then. I wouldn’t mind seeing a wet spring , even if it meant some more mowing

I am back to having 3 cats now.  The little white male that Ann had to leave has moved over to our house.  He did live in Ann’s shop for a while but I think that the noise that Rudy and Oswald were making made him nervous (they are doing a lot of renovations).  At first he moved over to my cargo container and just the lasts few days up on the patio.  He is sort of socialized with the Angel and Tobi.  They are not fighting but there is some hissing…..but it is getting better.  He is a Siamese and has an eye problem.  Poor little guy is so cross eyed that he can hardly walk across the patio without banging his head on a chair leg or something.  He has a sweet nature and is affectionate and tries his best to get the others to accept him.  I think they will work out in the end.

On the matter of trapping rats, I have not caught a rat in some time now.  However, I have caught 3 birds, a female cardinal, a sparrow and something that just left ½ beak and a bit of blood. The traps were shoved way under the cars, so I will make the birds a feeder of some kind to try and prevent injury to harmless birds.

We have a few more remembrances from the local Prophet:

This day 1-25-84 :  Fetch 17 coon and 1 ringtail

Must have been breeding, all females was swollen.  Killed lots of pairs male and female.  Raccoons breed from Jan to June.

1996 :  Fetch 12 coon.  One bit me while skinning but kilt 2 with one shot.

1989 :  Catch 4 nice rattlesnakes , 3 different places.  Been humid and warm 3 days.

He promised to give me some information on mesquite beans soon.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

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