Hello to All:


Maureen says, “Grant, I’m sorry I missed your birthday. It was too dark, to many deer on the highway.  I’ll see you soon, in the daytime.

Brody, did you like your birthday present?  Or was it Christmas?  I enjoyed getting gift for you and Miley.  Just hope I picked a winner.  Love you both.


It has been a quiet week out here.  Some colder at nights but warming up nicely during the daytime.  The ground is still too wet to mow.  The grass/weeds are not all that tall right now but if we keep getting warm afternoons they will grow.  That is okay, I feel the need to get outside and do something physical.  I didn’t catch any more rats, but caught 4 birds this past week.  I put out an empty cat food can with broken up walnuts hoping the birds would go for that and leave the traps under the car alone.


The boy cat, A.J., is just about socialized with my two.  I have moved him from Ann’s shop, to my cargo container , to my carport right behind the house.  They have stopped with the hissing mostly.  They are sharing the dining area fairly well.  No outright slaps or shoving .  He is a good natured little guy.  Just lost.  He did have three other cats that he grew up with and the two corgis.  All of a sudden he was left alone.  He just wants to get petted and have a home with someone around.


The Hwy. 67 Poet left me the following lament:

As an outlaw and bandit ah wanted to change but needin’ a pattern to do this here thing.  I looked for one person who I could honestly say was a truly good citizen in every way.  Not finding the one , I went looking for, I searched for a book that may show me more.  Finding no answers here nor there I went to a wise woman with grey in her hair.  I told her the thing I was longing to do and she said Jesus will do it for you.

So into the river of life I go with a skip and a hop

not knowing that I was part of a much larger plot.

The water was cold it chilled to the bone

For love had waxed cold- how I felt so alone

And so much deeper than anticipated the water was swift – rapids around every bend.  Hearts failing so common – no small thing to mend

But  the river must flow to it’s end where there is a new life I am promised will begin.  I placed my toe in the river of Life not feeling no turmoil

Because of strife.

Talpa really isn’t an Ivy League town and we have our own ways of

communicating that we can understand and appreciate.

And so it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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