Coach Smalley’s battle cry all year has been to “Bring it Back”. To bring back a gold ball, to bring back a winning tradition and to bring back the pride to a program that has been through a rough stretch recently. On Monday the LadyCats accomplished that mission. Bringing back more than one gold ball this year will be a tough task, but one that I am sure Coach Smalley and the LadyCats will relish and not back down from.

On the night Kinlee Bowman scored 23 points to bring Ballinger to a 52-22 victory over Presidio.
Claiming a 22-12 lead at the half, Ballinger LadyCats Varsity pulled ahead early in the game. Ballinger solidified their lead in the third quarter, scoring 18 points.
Bowman led Ballinger’s offense, going 8-for-11 (73%) from the field while also sinking 78% (7-for-9) of free throws attempted.
Two other players also added ten or more points for Ballinger. Bryla Perkins put up 10 points and Brenda Martinez had 10 points. Also helping the effort for Ballinger were Kinley Gray (4 points, 5 rebounds, 2 steals) and Jessica Castleberry (3 points, 3 rebounds). Ballinger finished the game with 50 rebounds (16 offensive / 34 defensive), one block and three steals.
A 10-7 1st quarter would be as close as Presidio could get to hanging with the LadyCats. In the 2nd Ballinger would go on a 10-0 run to essentially put the game away. The LadyCats dominated into the 3rd quarter and hung tough, further extending their lead in the 4th.
Up next for Ballinger will most likely be State 3A #1 Canadian. A tough task for Ballinger, but the LadyCats will go into the game with a ‘Why not us?’ mentality as they have been on a roll as of late and played tough with one of the best teams in state in Wall.

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