Connor Kvapil scored 24 points to bring Ballinger to a 53-48 victory over Tornillo on Tuesday. Jason Elliott helped Ballinger Bearcats Varsity take the lead for good with a three-pointer in the third quarter. Ballinger wrapped up the half at 25-23 on the strength of a 12-2 run. Kvapil was on the ball for Ballinger, making 44% (7-for-16) of shots attempted and hitting 82% (9-for-11) of free throws attempted. Elliott tapped out at double digits, scoring 13 points for Ballinger (5-for-8). Also contributing for Ballinger were Deaundre Manley (7 points, 3 rebounds), Chance Parker (4 points, 12 rebounds, 2 blocks), Ty Sensabaugh (3 points, 5 rebounds), and Jon Johnson (2 points, 4 rebounds, 1 block). Ballinger finished the game with 38 rebounds (12 offensive / 26 defensive), four blocks and one steal. Of all the varsity contests in Kvapil’s career this might have been the best one as he was the unquestioned star of the game and finally brought an elusive gold ball back to Ballinger after a long time absent.

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