Hello to All:


A word from Maureen:

Maureen had a good report last week after her annual doctors visit.

Afterwards they went by for  visit with her brother who was in Shannon Hospital.  I guess he was having a good day as he went home Friday.  Last weeks rain fall put 5” in the tank.  We were sorry to learn the death of a good friend , Cie Pyburn.

It has been a quiet week out here.  A couple of cool days with some misty rain.  Again , it looks like the only times I get to see old friends is to go to a funeral.  This past week we celebrated the life of Dennis Winterrowd.  I first met him when we moved to the other end of the block on Johnson St in Pecos.  That would be about 1950.  We were in the band together from the 7th grade on through 12.  We shared a room on many band trips.  Den would be the one to get up at 2:00am and turn the a/c on and freeze ever one.

We were in a number of classes together.  I am sure that a couple of teachers resigned and looked for another way to make a living rather than try to keep Den in line. One teacher had been married five times, to the same woman.

Den would review at least two of them every day as to what happened and what he would have done.  He set the record for climbing the water tower

The most times in one night.  His record of 13 accents and descends still stands

One time he was hollering something about a body float in the water.  So, a couple of brave guys went up to check it out.  Of course he was looking at his reflection but he had to get a couple more guys in on the gag and swear that “yeah, there was a guy floating face up” in the cities drinking water .

Dennis worked for Ethicon, Inc. in San Angelo for 38 years and retired as an Engineering Manager.

This piece of rock that we call Earth will keep on spinning, just a little off and it will never be the same with out Dennis adding his touch to what ever was in front of him.

Our intrepid hunter has the “rest of the story” about the rabid cat, which we will print in installments.  Some stories just can’t be messed with, you need to tell the whole thing. The cat’s name is Stiles.  On Saturday 28 ’95 notices Stiles the cat was acting funny.


So it goes in our quiet little corner in Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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