Ballinger hosted the Ballinger Relays March 9th with the Varsity girls finishing a close second to Jim Ned. Kenzey Sanchez and Lexie Davenport took 2nd and 3rd in the 1600M and 1st and second in the 3200M while Sydney Bowman and Lexie Davenport finished 1st and 2nd in the 800M. The 4×400 team consisting of Kelsey Hughes, Sydney Bowman, Kinley Gray and Hannah Huston also came in with a 2nd place finish. A Boys Track team still struggling to find its footing had Adam Hauser finish in 2nd place in the 100M and Clayton Hagey 4th in the Discus.

Even more impressive for Ballinger were their Junior Varsity teams. The boys squad tied Wall for 1st place overall. RJ Odom came in 2nd in the 100M, while Kameron Ferguson and Pete Dillard finished 1st and 2nd in the 400M. Just as impressive in the 3200M Josh Sauceda, Andres Garza and Nate Gallant came in 2nd, 3rd and 4th.The 4×400 team consisting of Ethan Pratt, RJ Odom, Kameron Ferguson and Peter Alfaro finished 2nd, as did Kennedy Byler in the Pole Vault.

For the girls JV team there was a runaway in the works. Rosemary Delgado and Grace Rutledge finished first and 2nd in the 100M, while Brenda Martinez and Destiny Manley did the same in the 800M. Avery Schneirs was 2nd in the 1600M and 3200M while Katie Michalewicz was 3rd in the 3200M. Becca Holden finished 2nd in the 100M hurdles. Ballinger had three 2nd place finishes in the relays with Oriana King, Rosemary Delgado, Sarah Booher and Lauren Landers in the 4x100M; Katy Duke, Oriana King, Karalyne Boggess and Lauren Landers in the 4x200M; Brenda Martinez, Lauren Landers, Rosemary Delgado and Destiny Manley in the 4x400M. Jessica Castleberry had a 1st place showing in the Discus while Kaitlyn Guillen took 2nd in the triple jump. The long jump was good for Ballinger as well with Lauren Landers 2nd, Rosemary Delgado 3rd and Sarah Booher 4th.

Overall it was an impressive showing for Ballinger on their home track. The Bearcats will next compete in Sonora on March 18th.

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