11th Annual Mother’s Day Luncheon Features Author & Speaker Lisa Robertson of A&E’s Duck Dynasty

With Guest, Miss Kay, to Benefit

Local Foster Care and Adoption Agency.

ABILENE – Television personalities, Christian authors, and public speakers, Lisa Robertson of A&E’s Duck Dynasty, along with special guest, Miss Kay, take flight to Abilene on April 26 as featured speakers for the 11th annual Call Her Blessed luncheon to benefit the local foster care and adoption agency Christian Homes & Family Services.

The luncheon begins at 11:30 at the Abilene Convention Center, with more than 500 guests expected.  Annually, this is the largest gathering of Christian women being celebrated in the community and honors the women in our lives who have been a light to our paths through relationships of family and friends.

Tied to Life, each other and the Lord, Lisa Robertson, with her husband Alan, has co-authored books on marriage, family and overcoming hurdles through reliance on God.  Lisa speaks at Pro-Life events all over the country with a powerful life changing story that impacts the lives of those she meets. She & Al know first-hand the devastating effects sin has on lives.  Through her powerful story, Lisa shares personal battles and victories to help others overcome difficult circumstances by choosing to follow the foundations of Christianity. For over 17 years, Lisa and Alan have traveled extensively through the U.S. leading retreats and seminars to promote life, strengthen marriages and teach others using their own heart felt experiences of how they have survived life’s storms through God’s providence and guidance. 

Miss Kay also joins guests at the Abilene Convention Center for this multi-generational women’s luncheon to honor the women who have brought relationship, love, guidance and laughter to others through family and life.  Having instructed Lisa in the ways of the kitchen, Miss Kay, seen regularly on A&E’s Duck Dynasty, ties lessons from the kitchen to life as she shares her own insight from God’s blessings through faith and family alongside Lisa, the first Robertson daughter-in-law.



The first Call Her Blessed luncheon was in April 2009 with Ruth Graham as guest speaker.  The luncheon has three core purposes:

  • To praise women who fear the Lord, and to honor them for the work they have done as instructed in Proverbs 31; 
  • To encourage each other to be brave, strong and joyful in our pursuit of God’s will;
  • And to share how Christian Homes is changing lives and building Christian families through its maternity, foster and adoption ministry.

As a result of the eight previous luncheons, the ministry has had the opportunity to place children for adoption in to safe, loving homes and train new foster families.

The title of the luncheon is based on Proverbs 31st chapter which describes a godly woman. Previous Call Her Blessed luncheon speakers included Ruth Graham, Anita Renfroe, Liz Curtis Higgs, Lisa Whelchel, Angela Thomas and Lysa TerKeurst, president of Proverbs 31 Ministries.

Proceeds from the luncheon are used to pursue Christian Homes’ vision of a Christian home for every child. Christian Homes provides free maternity care for young women with unplanned pregnancies. The ministry simultaneously recruits, screens and prepares Christian couples to adopt the precious babies many of the young women choose to place for adoption. The 54 year-old ministry also provides foster care in private family homes for children who have been abused, neglected or abandoned. In addition to Abilene, the ministry has offices in Fort Worth and Tyler, and is licensed in Texas and Oklahoma.

Tickets and more information are available at www.christianhomes.com

Note: Lisa and Kay will confirm availability for pre-event interviews. Please let me know if you are interested.

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