Hello to All:


A word from Maureen:

H M and I invited Judy over for Big O’s burgers on Friday evening.  It was very enjoyable.  Bob had gone to see his relatives in Austin.  From the pictures it looked like Bob was having fun. It is good to play with your grand children, isn’t it?  HM took me to Ballinger on Saturday so I could pick up a prescription.  The Pharmacy is getting fast.  He also took me to eat at one of my favorite places, Golden Chick!  I digressed from the usual and got their chicken and a piece of fish.  First time for the fish and it was good.  Sunday will find us having lunch at the church.  It sure is  a nice way to finish  worship service.  HM is busy planting a beautiful rose bush (a hybrid tea rose named Paradise) for me.  This warm weather sure brings out the “garden fever”.  Mine to “watch” and him “do”. Our road runner is back and we hope to she will build a nest on the front porch again.  One minute it is in the yard and the next minute down the road.



I has been a quiet week out here.  We put to rest another of our friends.

Donald Ray Boulter of San Angelo passed away.   He was another of our Pecos Eagles.  He was married to a Pecos girl, Jo Ann Pouns.

I knew both of them for I don’t really know how long.  The Boulter family attended the Baptist church and the Pouns family and my family all attended the First Christian church for years.  After the marriage, Ray came with Jo Ann to the First Christian church, where they had been married.

I grew up knowing all the brothers and sisters.   He passed away on March 11, Jo Ann’s birthday.  I just don’t know the words to express all the emotions I felt that day.  Ray and JoAnn would have been married 58 years on March 27, 2017.  The obituary in the paper will tell you where all he went to school and what work he did.  But it won’t tell you what kind of a man he was.  He had the mind and soul of a poet.  Ray wrote many books, some of them were collections of poems that he wrote.   He had a gentle nature and a kind way of expressing his love for his wife, his daughters,  our country and his love of Jesus Christ.  He was well prepared for this journey.  Ray will be remembered by many.  He was a honest man, a good man.


My friend down the road stopped by for a chat.  He was commenting on how the weather was getting warmer and things were happening earlier than usual.  Well, my pear tree is flowering out, the pecan trees are trying to grow green tips on the branches, flowers blooming. His fruit trees are making blooms.  However , his observation that he has seen rattlesnakes out and away from their den may be the one to take to heart.  So, watch where you step, they can be anyplace now.   We agreed that neither of us has seen the mesquite putting out green leaves.  That is supposed to be the final declaration that winter is over.  We usually get a final freeze late in March and that should be the end of winter.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob


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