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It has been a quiet week out here.  Just about everyone who lives out this way has a snake story, Some of them are sort of scary .  Wednesday night at church our preacher, Lloyd Hopper, was telling that he was going from the house to the garage and came upon a rattler.  “It was being aggressive and coming after me”, he said.  So, that is something else to keep in mind and be ready for.  They don’t all rattle or get away if they can.  The story is that the snakes got this way because of the wild hogs.  What do they do? Send a memo around to all the other dens?

At the post office we had a guy from Ballinger come and fill in for a day.

His name is Wesley and we had a good conversation.

We give thanks for the rain and would mention that we would be just as thankful without the hail and tornadoes.  At the curve in Hwy 67 going West, right before the county line, there was a pickup pulling a trailer that got to hydroplaneing and flipped over.  The driver was okay but it scattered tools and everything in the bed of the pickup all over the place.  Esley had gone to Big O’s to take his mother out to dinner for her birthday.  They saw the “Storm Chasers” come by and looked to be going toward Lake Ivie.   On their way back home, they ran into the hail about where the auction barn is.  That would be about 2 miles out.  Said that he sure was happy to get under that metal carport.  I only saw about pea/marble size in Talpa.  Judy was in Ballinger and said that it was quarter size there.   I measured 3” in my rain gauge.  That about doubles the annual rain fall for this area.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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