Hello to All:


First from Maureen


H.M. and Maureen have had a very busy week at Voss Baptist.

Maureen ordered a “Tens Unit”
electronic pulse massager which she expects to live up to her expectations.

The church will be enjoying lunch on the grounds following the morning service.  Join in if you can around  12 noon.  This will be our first time to eat in our new pavilion and the weather is looks promising.

I has been a quiet week out here.  The warmer weather is enjoyable.  Of course this means more mowing.  Along with that you will also need to do a certain amount of edging.  My weed wacker got out of wack somewhat  so I

took it in to our O & W guy (older and wiser) at Dixie Hardware, David Ocker.

I walked in to his shop over to the side of the store and he must have had 50 weed eaters and chain saws lined up.  I said something to the effect that it looks like I will be in line for a while.  No, David told me that all of those were fixed and mine might be fixed that afternoon.  This is what got me, he filled out a ticket : my name, my phone number, and description of what was needed.  He said, “Make it run”.   That sort of gets to the point doesn’t it?


I was out back doing something and  I was watching a roadrunner as he trotted  past.  He had a mouse in his beak.  Go roadrunner go.  Need all the help I can get.

Our coon and wildcat hunter from down the road stopped by.  He had a bucket with the heads and rattles from 56 rattlers.  The heads would still try to bite if touched.  That is something you have to see to believe.  One time I was next door visiting Rick and he had a rattler laid out on the tailgate of his pickup.  The head had been cut off and Rick said that I could have the rattles

If I wanted them.  So, I grabbed the tail and started cutting with my knife.

That headless snake reached back and struck at me with nothing but that

bloody stump where the head had been.  Yup, I jumped back anyway.


A while back I was backing down the driveway, in the dark, in the rain and didn’t see the light post in time.  Whammed the tail gate into it.  No serious damage but it did bend the latch on the right side.  My neighbor Esley took it to work with him and straightened it out and painted it.  The part that the latch is mounted on got bent also.  Esley will give me a call some day when he is not all that busy and on his own lunch time he will straighten that part also.

Speaking of Esley, and his wife Jessica and kids, that little girl, Ashlyn is really growing up fast and the new one , Cross is one of the happiest babies that I have seen in a while.  If he has a full stomach and has dry pants he is ready to go.  Meaning that he smiles a lot and tries to talk.  Yesterday was windy and I saw Esley out teaching Ashlyn how to fly a kite.  That is another of the pleasures of growing up that is about  to be lost and I am happy to see that someone is trying to keep the tradition  of kite fling on windy days.  Almost a lost art, as is shooting marbles or spinning a top.

Neighbor John from Louisiana was here for a few days.  He was looking over some of the remodeling being done on his house next to me that was previously occupied by Ann Mount.   She would not recognize it.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of the county.

Talpa Bob

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