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Thanks to all who read this column.  I enjoy it and I’m glad you do as well.

We made a flying trip back to church this morning. Why? I left my stuff at the church so it was necessary to retrieve my things.  Don’t you hate when that happens?  I do because I could have had other things accomplished.  I’m not big on getting things done in case you have a wrong impression of me.  Still

we all hate to have to double our steps.

H.M.’s daughter and son-in-law came to Voss for the Cemetery Meeting on Saturday.  They enjoyed the food and the meeting.  Plus they came by our house before going back to Hutto.  The only problem was they didn’t bring the little 2 year old great grand daughter.  Let me tell you, she is so much fun.

The cemetery meeting was fine.  I thought for we had matched up some Masa folks but no, Dennis said they didn’t match at all.  Better luck next time.  The cemetery meetings always fall on the first Saturday in May.  You might want to drive by to see the new gate that has been installed.

It has been a quiet week out here.  I have still been setting the trap every night but no “takers” since the possum was captured.  I am sort of relieved that the skunk has stayed away.  However, this morning I went out to feed the cats and no bad smell  was noticeable. Went into the house for something and came back out in a few minutes….wheweeee….skunk for sure was near by.  I looked and looked and didn’t find him.  Back inside for a while and then went back out again and the wind had blown the bad smell away. So, I guess that Mr. Skunk moved on.  Thankfully, no snake stories for this week.

I have not found a lot of material about the Concho water snake.  At some point it was declared to be endangered. It is protected by state and federal laws.  It is found only in  a few counties in Texas.  Mostly along the Colorado river and Concho river and the few reservoirs in the area.  The Corp of Engineers did construct a habitat for the snakes and a professional snake catcher went in and caught all that he could find and relocated them.  The

Concho water snake is now considered to be safe and not in danger of being

extinct.  The Stacy reservoir was named after the little town it covered up. At a later time it was changed to honor the Water District General Manager,

  1. H. Ivie.  The completion of the Ivie reservoir was delayed to move a cemetery and resolve the Concho water snake issue.

For several months now I have been driving to San Angelo and getting a message from a professional Message Therapist.  The message person is a lady.  Now, talking to some of the older guys out here, they are first of all not going to admit to having back pain or neck pain and if they did they were not going to let a young woman work in their sore muscles.  Remember the part about being a professional?  She is all business and you tell her where your hurt and it will be taken care of.   My lower back, hips and legs were keeping me up at night.  Not any more.  This is one of those things that you just have to go and do and find out what relief you can get and how much better you feel and not take any pills.  For a few dollars and an hour,  I can get a whole night’s sleep and not have to get up and walk the cramps out of my legs.  Yes, Judy had to keep on my case to get me to go. She was right and I did receive help.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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