Dierschke Family Reunion to be held June 24-25 at the Fireman’s Park in New Ulm
150 years in Texas. Joseph Franz and Pauline Seidel Dierschke along with Pauline’s parents Joseph and Magdalena Seidel departed Germany 1867 and arrived Galveston November 6, 1867. This year 7 generations are celebrating the 150th year since our family arrived in Texas. The family settled first in New Ulm and then moved to Moulton. Descendants of Joseph and Pauline are hosting the reunion. Joseph and Pauline’s children are: daughters, Anna (August Elster, Sr.), Mathilda (Joseph Mueller), Maria (Joseph Pilzner), Elizabeth (William Wick), and Johanna (Frank Wick) and sons, Joseph Alexander (Emma Bruchmiller & Martha Lorke), Gustav (Elizabeth Wilde), Paul (Bernardine Maikoetter), and Frank Dierschke (Louisa Wick). If you are a Dierschke descendant or a descendant of Joseph and Magdalena Seidel we would like to invite you to the celebration. For more information or to register, please see our Facebook page: JOSEPH FRANZ DIERSCHKE-Family or contact Joyce via email at dierschkefamily@gmail.com

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