Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  All I hear is complaints about the heat and not enough rain. So, I don’t get much news.

However, my friend down the street made another find.  He was picking through the pieces of a ruined house and found a bible.

It is a small, palm size, brown in color and on the front imprinted is “New Testament”  “U.S. Army”.   Inside cover is printed the owners name.  Ralph M. Edens and then his service number and

Address as “Home, Talpa Texas.  Inside there are several pictures.

One is a pic of Lt Edens and his wife and daughter I presume.  A picture of a very young Ralph in a uniform of some kind. A picture of the young girl sitting on the lawn.    A cigarette ration card with the name of  Lt. Ralph McRea Edens,  dated Mar 1945.

Also, there is a “Resident Hunting License”  signed by Ralph Edens, age 33.  Issued Sept. 9, 1941 and  expires August 31, 1942, by the

Game, Fish and Oyster Commission of Texas. Signed by John R. Wood , Warden.  The fee was $2.00.

Another picture of a man holding the bridal to a very large horse.  On the back it describes the horse as a Registered Belgian, his dam a Percheron, weighs 1,450 lbs. and guaranteed to be a good work horse. The price is $500.00.  Owned by Henry Evans, Talpa Texas.  Now these are items that we really need to find a descendent of Lt. Edens and present this to his family.

That one evening of the big storm, we had massive power failure all over Talpa.  Neighbor Esley said that when that lightning bolt hit, there was a blue glow all through his house.  He called in to his electrical provider and they came on out.  Esley said that he stood out on his porch and watched them up in a bucket doing something and soon he had lights. This was 12:30 am or so.  I was sleeping through most of this.  The next day Linda Dye called and asked if we had been out of power, she had been in Angelo.  Said her freezer was down and the ice cream was melting but thought the meat would stay frozen if she kept the door shut.  I offered to  come over and help eat the ice cream before it all melted. Esley said that he had extra room in a freezer if she wanted to put her meat supply in it.  She replied that she may do that if the repair man didn’t show soon.

He did show up just pretty quick and had her power back on in a jiffy.  He said, “Hey, I was out here last night”.  “Yes”, replied Linda, “But I wasn’t home and didn’t know it was out.”  Her power comes in on a different line than Esley and mine.  Esley told me the next day that the lightning fried his 50” tv, game station and some other toys plus his satellite dish. I told him that his homeowners should cover that. Measured less than ½” rain.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob


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