The Bearcats season opening scrimmage against Jim Ned was successful in it’s purpose. You can’t look at a scrimmage as a win or a loss. The scrimmage is designed to show coaches exactly what they have in the players that are on the team. Will player A play better or will player B. Can Player C play the position he has practiced in or do we need to move him to another position.

Looking at it from this perspective the scrimmage should have given the coaches plenty to digest over in game film. From a standpoint of just looking at what happened on the field it wasn’t very pretty. The offensive line was routinely overwhelmed by the Indians defensive line. The #1 offense couldn’t get any momentum and failed to move the ball with any consistency. With the youth that Ballinger has this isn’t surprising, but expect for the team to look more consistent this Thursday as they host Winters for the final scrimmage. Ballinger will host Comanche next Friday, September 1, 2017 in their season opener at Bearcat Stadium.

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