Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here, except for me slapping at mosquitoes.

I received several calls and texts and emails concerning that bible that was found.  The name inside was Ralph M. (McRea) Edens.  A young lady from Ballinger called and came by.

Her name is Amy Sensabauagh.  Ralph was her grandfather.  His daughter Ann Edens Green was Amy’s mother.  Ralph married Lucille Evans.

Amy gave me the phone number of her Aunt Jean, living in Arlington.  Jean is the daughter of Ralph. She is the young girl in the picture. The woman standing with them was not her mother but  Aunt Mary.   The young soldier was just a friend named Ronald. She said that Ronald was, “the most handsome man she ever saw”.  But he didn’t wait for her to grow up and marry her.   There was no picture of Ralph.

The small photo of a young boy and Ralph written on the back  was not a picture of Ralph Edens.

The man holding the large horse was Henry Evans , father to H.E. and Huttie Evans. One of their daughters was Lucile who married Ralph.  I have a lot more names but it tends to confuse the whole matter.  The main thing is that a daughter of Ralph was found as well as a grand daughter.   They were all excited and crying and laughing and we had a wonderful time.

Jean will be out here sometime and we will have a lunch together or something.  Jean went to Talpa school and graduated here.  She still has many friends and relatives in this area.

Do you recall that 1924 yearbook for the Univ. of Texas?

The lady that signed the book on the front page  is Jean’s

Grandfather’s sister, Mrs. Sudie Evans Lowrie from Talpa.  So that would be her Great Aunt?  I will present that year book to her the first time I get a chance.

I told Jean that I live in the old house that belonged to Mrs. Horton.  What?  Jean still has a black dress that Mrs. Horton made for her those long years ago for a high school event.  Someone saw it and wanted to buy it to wear in a movie.  She didn’t sell it or loan it but did allow them to measure and photograph It.  I don’t now what movie it was to be worn in.  It was hand made in a room at the back of my house that we use now for a TV room.

There are a lot of names and I hope that I don’t get them confused as to who married whom and who was father to

and grandfather to whom.  That can be worked out.  I just think that this is a neat ending to the serendeptious find of

a year book left in the dirt and mud and a very small bible found in the ruins of a house and they are tied to the  story of two families from long ago.  I am sure that there are a lot of friends and family  members in Coleman and Runnels county that knew the Eden’s and Evan’s families.

This may be a bigger party than I ever imagined.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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