Opening the season against possibly the toughest team on your schedule is always a tough task. Playing an opponent that has 15 Seniors when you are playing with 7 Sophomores is a recipe for disaster. On top of that Ballinger has 4 upper class men that were out of football last season for various reasons leading to even more inexperience in already small classes. All of this combined to drop the Bearcats to 0-1 on the season

From the opening kick the Bearcats never were able to grab much momentum. Jayden Rivera forced 2 fumbles within the Ballinger 10 yard line, but preventing those scores did little to change the final score as Comanche was able to run the ball at will against Ballinger. Divad Briones did his best to slow down the ballcarriers, but when the middle wasn’t there they simply bumped outside and took huge chunks of yardage against a defense that seemed to be a step slow all night.

The coaching staff was able to learn some things throughout the game. Coach Lipsey said “We have to get better at reacting to the speed of the game. Even though we were playing one of the better 3A teams in the area we left some plays on the field with dropped balls. We need more experience and have our young guys grow up in a hurry. That will come from practice and playing on Friday nights.”

This will be a process for Ballinger as they look to continue to improve and build upon what they have started. “What I want is in Week 10, we are the most improved team in West Texas” Lipsey said.

Ballinger will host the Grape Creek Eagles on Friday September 8th, 2017 at 7:30 PM. Ballinger will be on the three week road trip after this game, traveling to Clyde September 15th, Merkel September 22nd and Junction September 29th.

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