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It has been a quiet week out here.  Almost.  A week  ago the wifi went away.  No internet.  No reason.  The modem had lights.  The router had lights.  Shake all the connections.  Unplug the power from the wall and count to 30 and plug back in.  No results.  Okay, so call the help number given by the provider.

You guessed it, I got a guy from the Philippines.  He thinks he is speaking English, it sounds something like English but it isn’t English.  I struggled with him for an hour or so and gave up. Said I had to go.  Wait a day and call again.  Same thing again.  Then the next day I insisted that I be transferred  to someone who speaks English as a first language.  Should have done this the first day.

I was transferred to a person in Brownsville, Tx.   I asked him to look at the notes the past “expert help” had made.  He said that the hurricane had nothing to do with interrupting the signal from the satellite and the upload point to my satellite  was in Amarillo.  Okay, he understands that I have no internet and the usual “fix it” things did not work.  He said that he could “see” my modem and that was not the problem.  He said that even though I had lights on the router, he thought that is where my problem was.  So, I called my daughter in law, Mari (a computer master) and it turns out that she had recently upgraded her router to a faster model and I was welcomed to try the old one and see if it helped.  As it happened, I was to be in San Angelo the next day and picked up her old router  from their house.  Plug in the three cords and it wanted her password. Okay, text Mari and she had too many passwords to remember what the one for the router was.  We tried maybe three passwords and SHAZAM, in like Flynn.  So this week I can type on a regular size keyboard and we will have a column of sorts.  My blood pressure is down considerably.

One day last week I was driving back from the post office and saw a pickup parked off the highway and feet sticking out from under the front of the truck.  Pulled over and walked over and asked the feet if help was needed.  A guy slowly crawled on his back out from under the pickup.  We introduced ourselves and he was M.D. Shurley from Sonora.  His blood pressure was up a bit and he explained that he just  had the oil changed in San Angelo and the gauges on the dash indicated that he had no oil pressure and the first thought was that they forgot to put the drain plug back in.

But it wasn’t leaking oil.  All of the oil had drained out?  The gauges also indicated the transmission was having a problem.

The truck was a new Dodge Ram double cab long bed duel

Rear tire Cummings diesel something transmission that cost him $80 K bucks and he was not a happy camper.  Had a little dog of some kind with him.  Okay, so I suggested that he call the number on the invoice where he just had the oil changed.  He did that and after a couple of transfers he talked to someone who had the authority to send some help.   I told him that I would be back in a minute and went to the house and got him a bottle of cold water and put water in an empty milk jug and an extra water bowl and went back.  The little dog was thirsty and so was  M.D.   That helped everyone cool down some.  About an hour later a guy from San Angelo showed up and he asked to see the gauges.  Then he checked the dip sticks and cranked the truck and checked a few things.  It seems that it is a common problem for the heat to cause the gauges to give false readings.  So, M.D. was going to drive it back to the place where they changed the oil and get it up on a rack and get some computer help with the gauges and the guy was going to follow him back.  I still don’t know what the end of the story was but will try to email M.D. and let you know next week what happened.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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