Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Except for nearly slapping your ears off to shoo the mosquitoes away.  I have gone around the house trying to empty anything that had water standing in it.


On one Friday , Judy and I went over to San Angelo to help Maureen and H.M. celebrate their anniversary.  It was catered by their children and also served by Maureen’s daughter Pam, who drove from Rio Frio.  We started with clam chowder. The entre was baked fish with rice pilaf or baked potato.  The dessert was cake and a fruit tart. It was an enjoyable time.  This was their 17th anniversary.


One of the reasons it was so quiet out here is that Judy has been sick.  It started several weeks ago and she said it felt like she was getting mumps.  Then she got little red bumps on her head and then on the forehead.  Then her eye got some red bumps in the corner by the nose.  Time to go to the doctor now.   It is shingles.

Anyone who had chicken pox when they were young can get shingles later in life.  It is painful and the red bumps itch.  The eyes also itch.  The doctor gave her some pills to take and two tubes of ointment , one to go in the eye and the other around the lower eye to stop the itching and a pill for the pain.    I had chicken pox when I was small but did not “catch it” from Judy.  Washed my hands after touching Judy’s head or eye area to put the ointment on.   I was told that I needed to get the vaccination to prevent me from caching shingles.  I will ask about it.

Don’t you think that the networks could find something to talk about other than the hurricanes?  Two or three hours a day with pictures of the wind blowing and pouring rain would be enough.

That said, please say a short prayer for those in the path that are now homeless.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bop


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