Bryan Grimes was brought into a tough situation three years ago. A city without water; roads and infrastructure falling apart.

Grimes has done great job in his time here. There is a deal with the City of Clyde to get us water from Lake Fort Phantom in the works and slowly, but surely the streets are getting fixed. It is a thankless job as for every road that gets repaired people complain about the one that didn’t.

Ballinger doesn’t have the money that we need and the problems that we face will have to be a slow fix for that reason. Bryan has started the task, but someone else will finish it.

Yesterday Bryan Grimes signed a contract to accept the City Manager position at Willow Park, north of Dallas.

On the move, Grimes said, “We will miss our friends in Ballinger, there’s no way around that. Ballinger has some of the best people we have ever met. Ultimately, it was those friendships that made this decision extremely difficult.”

Whoever follows in his footsteps there will already be a good template on how to move forward. Congratulations to Bryan and the Grimes family. You will have a home in Ballinger and we thank you for all of your hard work.

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