Hello to All:


It has been a quiet week out here.  A bit cooler and a couple of days of drippy rain that didn’t do much for the rain gauge but it did add moisture to ground.  Still can’t mow because the Grass/weed are still too wet and the wheels would make ruts in the yard.

There was some critter digging holes in my yard.  I set the trap for several nights with no results.  Then we got results.  It wasn’t the opossum or the raccoon.   It was a skunk.  Okay, now what do you do?  On days like that I sure miss that old Darr Huckabe.

I have an old shower curtain near by that I could walk up with it spread out and cover the cage.  Then what?  There is no way I can cover all except the opening and let the skunk out without him spraying me..  The cage was slightly around the corner of the house , so I sneaked up real quiet like.  The skunk appeared to be asleep.  Taking my trusty .22 with a scope I took careful aim and dispatched him with extreme prejudice.  Put him in a plastic bag and deported him.  Still getting holes dug in my yard so guess I will set the trap again. I think that I am just lucky so far in not getting “skunked”.  You can bet that I will be very careful.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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