Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  A bit on the cold side a couple of mornings.  Had a 21 º forecast for one morning and I think it was right on it.  Later on in the morning it said 32º

but with the wind chill it felt 22º.  I fixed  a place for my cats to get in out of the wind and stay warmer.  In the little storage room just outside we have a fridge and a freezer running and they usually keep that little room warm and toasty.  Right.  So they sleep outside where they usually do.  But it was there if they cared to.  They do eat about half as much again as their usual diet.  Notice that I have been eating pretty good myself lately. Blame the cold?

There is some critter digging holes in the yard again.  Set the trap and put in a couple of different baits.  So far all I have caught is one of my own cats.  I thought they were smarter than that.  After seeing so many other critters captured I thought they would know better.

On one day I went in to San Angelo for the 4th check up on my right eye.  I had the “surgery” about 6 weeks ago and everything seems to be going okay.  I am working at the computer right now without glasses.  The left eye was worked on about a year ago.  The right eye checks out

20/20 and the left eye is 20/40.   Different doctors.  The latest dr. said , “I didn’t do the work on your left eye”.  I agreed but forgot to ask if he can redo the left eye.   How many tries do you get? Anyway, with both eyes open I can read the eye chart with  20/20 vision.  He sent me a letter that I can take to the TDPS and get the glasses “required”  removed from my license.  I don’t know if they will require me to take their test again or not but I am not concerned.

The little red house next to us sold this week.

I don’t know yet who the new neighbors will be but it will be good to have someone one next door.  The houses out here fall down around your neck just pretty soon if not lived in. There were a couple of guys from the realtor company out doing some fix ups that the mortgage company required.  I went over a couple of times to supervise and offer my expert opinion on things but evidentially I was not needed.  I was going to tell them where the snake den is located.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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