I stood in the front yard this morning. I knew it would be the
one morning of the year  unlike any other. It came later than usual this
The hard freeze took its time in coming. Usually this day happens by
mid-November. It is about a month late. The trees had been dressed in the
autumn colors
for a longer than usual time this year. We have enjoyed many days when
our bright sun illuminated the golden colors of the pecan trees. Each
year when the hard
freeze comes and frost forms on the autumn leaves, sometimes without even
the rustling of a breeze, the warmth of the sun brings down the leaves in
large numbers.
It was quiet on the street for a few moments as I stood and listened to
the sound of leaves as they fell to the ground. I wonder what it would
sound like if I
were standing in a pecan orchard when this day came. This has always been
that day when the real sign of winter comes to begin its course of time.
I recall the words of God in response to Noah’s sacrifice following
their salvation from the flood waters: “As long as the earth endures,
seedtime and harvest,
cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, will never cease.” Gen.
8:22 So, on this day the leaves that have provided cooling shade from the
heat of summer
now fall to the ground and the barren trees tell us that winter has come.
The Psalmist has declared this of God, the Creator of all: “It was You
who set all the boundaries
of the earth, You made both summer and winter.” Psalms 74:17
Before we run the lawn mower or grab a rake, before a car drives down
the street or neighborhood kids play football in the yard; the leaves
that have both shaded
our heads and given us beauty in their color now cover the ground. I have
heard once again the soft sounds of God’s amazing nature. I have watched
nature take its course.
It tells me that the Maker of this earth shares its beauty for us to see

Max Pratt

P.S.  Does nature speak to you about the God who made you?

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