Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here. Except for Judy coughing.  I got over what ever it was and she caught it from me.  She is better now.  That blast of cold weather didn’t help anyone that I have talked to.

One day I was walking along and the top of my right foot started to hurt big time.  Bet I got a goat head or some sticker in under the tongue of the shoe.  Took the shoe off and I had something about the size of a quarter, very red and raised up like a boil or something.  Dang.  What is this?  Judy looked at it and wanted to squeeze it to see if it had fluid in it.  That hurt so bad that it would make you bite your grandmother.   Probably a spider bite.

What kind of spider?  A Brown recluse spider?  The bite did not follow the description on line of a bite by brown recluse.  It was right on top of a tendon and it hurt all the way from the toe to the knee.   Called the clinic trying to get a dr. appointment.  The  lady making appointments said that I didn’t want in there now.  They had the place filled with people with the flu and all of them coughing their heads off.  Said it would be two weeks before I could get in.  Ok…hope I still have a foot.  Soaked it in hot water with Epson salts and dabbed it with my mother’s cure for all small cuts, scrapes , insect bites and other things.  It is called

ST-37 and you can order it at Walmart.  Good for many things.

Ulcer inside your mouth on cheek or tongue, swish some ST37 on it and it will be well in the morning.  So, by the time my doctor appointment was due, it was barely red and not sore to the touch.  Went anyway just to get a medical opinion.  The Dr. said that what ever it was that I did, keep on doing it.   The Dr. had never heard of ST 37.  Told him to look into it.  He said, well, we have some better stuff.  No, I told him, just more expensive stuff.

Ask your grandmother, she will know about it.  It is what they used out in the country and you couldn’t afford a doctor anyway.
So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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