Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  The weather let up on the cold for a while.  I would welcome some warm weather, even if it means mowing grass and hitting at the weeds.  The pear tree is trying to sprout some buds but it may be just a little early for that.  We don’t get our last freeze until March, looking at back weather records.  Of course, out here in West Texas we all know that it isn’t spring until the mesquite trees turn green.

I have mentioned “The baby” who is a great granddaughter in OK.  She has a new baby brother.  They brought him home from the hospital the other day.  The mother fixed up his crib and as it was cold weather, she put down a pad that heats up some to keep the little fellow warm.  She laid him on the pad and plugged it in.  Chloe asked, “why are you charging up my brother?”.  Well, that is what it looks like to a barely 4 year old who has watched them plug in phones and laptops to charge them up..

Last Friday we attended the funeral service for Wayne Johnson.  I met Wayne when I first attended the First Christian Church in Ballinger in 2009.   He was a quiet person.  He was also a friendly person and  had a smile when you met.  Wayne and his wife Linda were married for 59 years.  She passed on in June of last year.  Wayne was the last of eleven brothers and sisters.  You get to know a person when you see them in church every Sunday.

When ever I walked in the front door of the church, I just expected to see Wayne and Linda sitting together and would walk over to say hello.  Wayne was a good man who will be missed by many.  Even more, they will be missed as a great couple.  Now we have a couple more empty seats.  Seems like we are getting a lot of them lately.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of  Coleman County.

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