Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  The wind did make considerable noise the other night.  That forty mile an hour wind cleaned out the carport pretty good.  Now a lot of my stuff is in my neighbor’s back yard.  I had been in Ballinger that day to get my lawnmower fixed.  The dust and junk in the air nearly made breathing  impossible and people who have allergies were coughing and sneezing their heads off. That would include me.   Even the little weather app on my iPhone had a Red Alert on the wind.

On last Tuesday I took my two cats to the vet in Brownwood for their annual shots.  Long drive but I like the way that vet handles my kids.  While there I did get to have lunch with an old friend, Gloria.  She and I worked in the same department at Republic Insurance on Turtle Creek in Dallas back in the 1980’s.  Then she married a guy and went off to Cincinnati.  Things evolved and she moved back a year or so ago to help take care of her ageing mother.  A lot of news  to catch up on.  One of the cats, Tobi, didn’t want to get in the carrier and buried her claws in my left forearm.  I have a couple of deep cuts about three inches long.  Next time she gets wrapped in a towel first.

My son who lives in San Angelo has two sons and one daughter.  Both of the boys have a graduation in May.  The younger one, Matt, will graduate from high school.  The older boy, Gabriel, will graduate from Rice.  Very proud of them.

Sunday noon we went over to the Presbyterian Church for lunch and a baby shower.  This baby will be Judy’s great great niece.  That will age a person when you get that many greats.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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