Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  That is, after the wind dies down some.  Didn’t think the wind was ever gonna stop.

I ran out of ways to say that “it sure is dry out here” and “ the wind sure does blow a lot”.  Cleaned off the carport, again.

One of those days I got a call from Linda Dye.  Said she was on hwy. 67 headed East and said there was a brush fire about 3 or 4 miles East of Talpa.  I found my number for Mike Priddy, the head of the Talpa Voluntary Fire Dept.  and he said that he was out of pocket but would make a few calls and see of he could get some help.  The wind was blowing from East to West about 25 mph with gusts 35 mph or up.  That wouldn’t take long to get to Talpa.  About a mile past the old horse auction place I could see the smoke.  Got up closer and could see three or four cars with flashing lights and the Valera Fire truck down in a draw.  I stopped about a ¼ mile from the fire and got out and waved at the 18 wheelers to shut it down.  After 5 or 10 minutes a Coleman Sheriff car pulled up to where I was and left his flashing lights on.  He was much more effective than just me waving at the drivers.  Never will understand why when they can see thick smoke and lights flashing ahead they just keep their foot on the gas.  I turned and headed back to Talpa and met the Talpa Fire truck headed in to help.  I don’t think there was much damage and the fire was mostly confined to that draw.  If it had gotten out in the open it would probably have beat me back to Talpa.

Our new neighbors, John and Nancy Moroni, from Louisiana are here.  They are just about finished with the house remodeling.   The patio is now enclosed with screen wire and corrugated tin sheets.  Should be comfortable to sit out and enjoy the evening without the mosquitoes  driving you crazy.

John and Nancy’s daughter and her husband are scheduled to make it out here for a visit.  They are Montana and Daniel Atkinson.  They have two dogs, Inez and Knox.  They were out in the back yard running around but never saw that the double wide gate was open and just did their business and went back under the patio.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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