No matter how you look at it, life is going to bring about transitions. There are certain times when change is very noticeable and obvious in life. We may live day after day not thinking about the changes that are happening around us, but there are those times that come when we think about the changes going on more than anything else.

The month of May has significant days that turn our minds toward the changes that have happened as the years of our lives have been spent. Mother’s Day is celebrated and with the honors given to our Mothers we reflect on the transitions over time. I get to think about my childhood and how my mother was at home with me and my siblings. I remember her guidance given to help me make wise decisions in so many things. I also think back about the years we returned to visit our parents bringing them the grandchildren. They loved the babies! Those babies are all grown now and we have memories of how life was good, but age and even death has changed our lives forever. Almost before we blink we will celebrate Father’s Day and we will find ourselves thinking of days gone by once again.

Before we finish with May we must mention the expectations of graduation. For seniors in many levels of education, the day is coming when the classroom studies will be completed, the assignments all turned in and grades given. The day is set for the certificates to be awarded that declare the seniors to be graduates. Graduating from High School has significant changes in it for both students and parents. For College students a new adventure lies ahead as well. These are those days that shout aloud that change is taking place.

The Lord Jesus Christ has prepared something very special for us who live in changing times and in a changing world. Navigating through life is difficult, hard and at times disturbing. This world can demand from us too much time and attention, too much involvement. The chase to do and be and accomplish or acquire is very real. Jesus has taught us that spiritual endeavors, spiritual growth and ministry provide meaning to life that will not be found in the ever changing things of this life on earth.

So in the use of our time, Jesus advises that we place our complete trust in Him, we seek first God’s Kingdom and Righteousness. He invites us to surrender ourselves to His Will so that the transitions will be faced with our footing set solid upon Him, the living Rock of Ages.

Have you made yourself ready for the times of transition?


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