Hello to All:


It has been a quiet week out here.  The big storms split up just past Ballinger and went around us….again.  We did have a different lady come fill in at our post office, Genevieve Hough from Menard.  That is a long drive and we thank her for coming all the way out to Talpa and lend a hand.

This past week, Judy went to OK to attend the Great Grand’s graduation..

from Pre-K.  Uh, yup, cap and gown and all the trimmings.  Have another to graduate Kinder garden to the first grade and so on. I think it is a little early for such but they want the kids to feel included.

My daughter, Kristen lives in Wiley, just South of Plano.  Her husband, Lloyd had been having an issue with high blood pressure and rapid heart beat.  On the way to work the other day he became dizzy, chest pains and his left arm was going numb.  He pulled over and called 911.  The Mobile Intensive Care Unit was there in minutes.  They yanked him out of the truck and put him on a stretcher and roared off for the hospital.  He responded ok to the meds they give people they think are having a heart attack.  The thing I want you to know about is, they left the truck where it was with the door open and the motor running.   The Good Samaritan is still in some people.  A man/woman who had been watching took the truck and parked it in the parking lot, rolled up the windows and left the key in the floorboard.  There was an expensive laptop they could have taken but didn’t.  Put it on the floor on passenger side.  Lloyd will be ok.  The doctors put in a stint to the major artery to the heart which was only 80% clogged up.   You don’t hear about good deeds like this in the Dallas area very often.  Many thanks to the kind person who took the time to park the truck.  He/she was probably a little late to work.


My new neighbor next door and her mother had a bit of a scare the other day.  On the concrete porch in front , Lilah had placed a flat rock, about the size of my hand, that had been painted, a tree or something.  I am not sure if they went to move it or just noticed movement under the rock.  It was a small rattler.  Only about a foot long but they are just as dangerous as the big ones.  Lilah had a hoe near by and wacked the snake in half.  It was about the size of the one killed on Esley’s porch last week.  So, we need to be on the look out for the little ones as they only have one little rattle and you probably will not hear it.

Saturday, my son Kelly and his wife Mari had a joint graduation celebration for their sons Matthew and Gabriel.  I mentioned last week that Gabe graduated from Rice and Matt from Central High in San Angelo.  There were many gifts and cards given to the guys.  There was a great lunch served and I won’t be hungry for a couple of days.  I am very proud of those guys.  They both had serious obstacles and they both persevered and overcame and did well.

Sunday, The Presbyterian Church had a lunch to celebrate the church’s birthday.   Mary, the lady that Judy sits with invited us to the picnic lunch to be held in the local park.  It had rained earlier so the weather was cloudy, cool and enough wind to blow the mosquitoes and flies away.  It was an enjoyable time.

So, that is the way it goes out here in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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