Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Most agree that the cold weather is over for this season.  I went in to Ballinger to look at the lot that Judy has.   I haven’t been over to mow in a while.  May not  at all so far this year.  It was over grown with weeds and what grass was there was too tall.  So, get the lawnmower and weed wacker and start in on it.  I worked too late into the afternoon on the first day and over heated big time.  Tried to get up early the next morning and start in before the heavy heat.  The center part of the lot had these tall weeds that were up to my shoulders.  Looked really bad so I stayed the course and got all of it knocked down.  Think that I will be going over with some spray and give those weeds a “treatment” so the next time I won’t be facing weeds as tall as me.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned about the flagpole at our little Post Office that got struck by lightning.  There is still a hole in the ground where they took it out but no new pole so far.  Need a flag pole to fly our flag at half mast on Memorial Day.  Maybe get one by July 4th.

One day Judy got a call from an old friend from Oklahoma days.  Actually, the lady named Trena worked for Judy at a loan office as I recall.  They worked well together and have remained friends for many years after they went separate ways.  They met up  in Abilene and I think they stayed up all night talking about “the good old days”.  It is a good thing to keep contact with your friends.  You never know when it will be the last time you ever get a chance to visit.

Just in passing, I noticed a small black and white cat that looks like a quarter size of my Big (28 ½ lbs) black and white cat, Angel.  I think that she doesn’t have a home and I see her sneaking in to eat a bite from my kids food bowls and have a drink of cool water.  She seems nice but not social at all. My kids don’t seem to be upset or mind that she is on their turf.   So, I put out another food bowl and water for her.  The poor thing has one eye that appears to be damaged and she has only one good eye .   Slowly, we are making her one eye contact with me.  Maybe she will come in and get petted on .

Sunday morning at church, it got to be hot in a hurry.  The A/C was out.  The A/C man was out during the week and said that he had it fixed.  Well, he pulled up short on some part of it.  Our minister, Lynn Smith, said that the service would be compacted some what just for this one day.  Beginning to end , we had a fifteen minute service and that included three hymns.  We were all thankful to get back to our air-conditioned cars.

Last week I mentioned that my son in law, Lloyd, had a heart attack.  I have since found out that it was the main artery going to the heart, the one called “the widow maker”.  It was 80% clogged.  He will be okay the doctors think.  There was some heart damage.  The recovery and rehab is going to take a while.  If you happen to remember , please say a short prayer for Lloyd’s recovery.

Several people have commented on the “Good Samaritan” that parked his truck and turned it off. We still do not know who it was, but many thanks to that person.  And no I wouldn’t bet on the outcome on a second try.  Not in that part of Dallas.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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