Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  So hot and dry now you see jackrabbits under a mesquite tree sharing the shade with a couple of cows.  Speaking of which, I was on the road back from OK and there was a pasture with one tree out in the middle.  It was tall and skinny and cast a long narrow shadow.  The cows were lined up with the first one right next to the tree trunk and the rest in a straight line, in the shade as far out as the shade went.  The last cow just got her head in the shade but she took that anyway.

I received a call from my neighbor across the road, Easley.  He was just a bit excited.  His big news is that the Anderson’s are going to increase the population of Talpa by one come next March. I am betting that it will be another boy.  Might get up a pool for if it is a boy or a girl.  Either way the first name should be Talpa, don’t you think?  Talpa Jane or Talpa Bill, what ever they pick for a middle name.  So far, I am the only one who thinks this is a good idea.  I told Easley that it really doesn’t matter if it is a boy or girl, just pray for 10 fingers and 10 toes and a healthy baby.  He agrees.

We went to OK last week.  Well, Judy went on Tuesday and I followed up on Friday.  She had been planning a birthday party for the great grand, Chloe,

who is now Five years old.  It was a great party and many kids and their parents attended and there was a lot of food, cake, cupcakes, ice cream and cookies.

For the grand entrance to the back yard, I drove the little Pontic Solstice convertible with the top down and Chloe sat up on the back.  She had on her Tiera and a feathery boa and a sparkly scepter. I honked and she waved to every one and they all got into the spirit and yelled and clapped their hands.

There were a couple of water things for the kids to cool off.  One was a big plastic unicorn, about 6’ tall and he spurted water out of his horn for the kids to run through.  Then there was a wading pool with a unicorn head and wings on the side to just splash in.  The kids really had a good time.  The adults tried to stand back far enough to not get splashed on. Someone brought out some water squirter things and everyone got some water on them anyway.   You have probably guessed by now that Chloe is really into Unicorns.  So, she got a beanbag with a unicorn head on it, a tee shirt with unicorn on front, and a stuffed unicorn the size of a big cat(?)to play with.  It was worth the trouble and trip to see so many little kids with smiles and having a great time.

Sadly, there was a death in Judy’s family and she stayed another day or two for that memorial.

So it goes out here in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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