By: Madison Nash

Coach Hennington is head junior high football coach and Social Studies teacher. He lived in San Angelo Texas and attended Miles ISD. After high school he attended Angelo State University for two years, and then left to attend Texas State, then came back to Angelo State one year later. After college he went to Brady and taught for one year. He left Brady to teach here and in present day is teaching sixth grade Social Studies and coaching.

I asked Coach Hennington what his thoughts were on the upcoming football season? He had a lot of good things to say.   “For seventh graders this upcoming game is going to be tough, but I think they’ll be a great team.” Coach Hennington continued, “Since the eighth graders have had a year of experience  they have a little advantage.  Also they have progressed greatly since last year.”

I wondered if they were strong in the teamwork field?  Coach said, “You will always have those kids who goof-off, but I think they are working together well.” “The eighth graders are also working together greatly, but I mean they have had a year of experience.”

“I am very excited for this year’s football and I think we will have  a great season.”  And I, Madison, have to agree. This year’s junior high teams are looking good.  Everyone go cheer on the Bearcubs at  home this Thursday night against Colorado City Wolves beginning at 5:00.  Go Bearcubs!

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