Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Everyone is trying to get over Thanksgiving and get ready for Christmas.  I will do my part by staying out of the way.

Last week, Judy was at Mrs. Mary Sykes house and a phone call came in.  It was a person who asked if a cat with a name tag of Logan  belonged there?  Yes, the cat  had a collar with a tag with a name and phone number to call.  Logan just disappeared about a year or so ago.  He is a sort of small, short hair, white cat with black spots.  Everyone thought that he just went away and died or a dog or something got him. Judy went over and the person who made the call had a small animal carrier that we could borrow to take him home.  I came to town and Mrs. Sykes’ had two big dog carriers inside the house.  I took one of them out on the side porch and put in a piece of carpet, an old towel and an old bathroom floor rug in it.  I also put a heavy piece of plastic over the top, back and sides to keep the wind out.  It did get down in the low 30’s a couple of nights.   He was a little underweight but okay.

I always just called him “Logan” and he is a very affectionate cat.  The name goes back a long ways.  Mr. Bill Carlton Sykes was a pilot during WW11.

He was one of those brave guys who flew over “The Burma Hump”.  His copilot’s name was Logan.  They were good friends.  So, when he got back and became the owner of a big old black lab, he named it “Logan” in remembrance of his co pilot and friend.  Logan lived a long life and in time passed away.  They kept the collar and tags and put them on the family cat, whose name was actually Brother Boy.  But you see the “Logan” name tag and just assume that is his name.

So Brother Boy Logan the cat was happy to be home.  We don’t know how or what happened to get him way across town but we are all happy that he is back. I sat on the side porch and just petted  him. I wish that he could tell me where all he and been and what he had seen.  Some how I don’t think his departure from the neighborhood was accidental.  We really appreciate the person who looked at his tags and called the phone number on it.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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