Hello to All:

Last Tuesday evening we had dinner next door with John and Nancy Moroni.  They are from Northern Louisiana.  Their friends Nathan and Jackie Roark were also there.  Nathan’s brother catches alligators. Pork loin was served, one stuffed with cream cheese and jalapenos and the other with shrimp  etouffee  and a superior pot of beans to go with it. John made a fantastic pan of brownies in a cast iron skillet for dessert.  We had an enjoyable evening of talking with everyone.

I spent a night and a day in San Angelo at Shannon hospital this past week.  One was an all night sleep study.  The idea was to determine if I had sleep apnea.    I was wired up all over my head, jaws, chest and legs.  That was a little bothersome.  Hope I didn’t fry when they turned on the juice.  Get the results for that test in a week or so. No, I did not sleep well. Then the next day I had a swallow test.  I get food hung up in my throat and get choked easily.  This was a real time view of an x-ray in motion of me swallowing and the barium drink showing where it was getting stuck.  There are two places that are a problem.  So, I will be going back to the ear nose and gizzard doctor to see what can be done.

One day, after Judy’s radiation treatment, we met my son Kelly and his wife Mari for lunch.  That was at Henry’s in San Angelo.  While there we saw our neighbors Esley and Jessica Anderson.  They were in Angelo for her weekly doctor visit.  Talpa will have a new resident in three weeks or less.

I am off to Dallas on Monday to see my main doctor.  Dr. Marcus has been my personal doctor for 39 + years.  He gets the final say so about my treatments.  So it goes In our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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