A total of four individuals have signed up to run for the two Paint Rock ISD school board seats up for election on Saturday, May 4, 2019.  The two candidates with the most votes will become PRISD School Board Trustees for the next three years.

For the past six years, Mrs. Edna Summers has served the district faithfully as a member of the PRISD Board of Trustees, but she has decided not to run for re-election.  Mrs. Summers has been a life-long member of the Paint Rock community and a regular courtside cheering on kids, friends and family at Indian Basketball games and school activities.  Her successor will certainly have some big shoes to fill and more importantly, needs to be someone who puts the kids and the community first.

For the past three years, Mr. Michael Hall has served on the PRISD Board of Trustees.  He is the incumbent and is seeking re-election for another three year term.  He is a regular at games and school events.  He and his wife, Amber, have two children currently attending Paint Rock ISD.  He is a construction worker and also a sheriff’s deputy for the Concho County Sheriff’s Department.  He has lived in Paint Rock for about five years now and his children have been attending school in PRISD for seven years.

Mrs. Pamela Hart has lived in the Paint Rock ISD school district for four years and eight months.  She and her husband, Randy, have a home in the Turkey Bend addition near Lake Ivie.  She is a retired educator.  Neither her, nor any of her children, graduated or attended Paint Rock School.   She sometimes attends PRISD School Board meetings.

Ms. Angela Havlak grew up in the Olfen area and attended school at Paint Rock ISD.  She has attended games and community activities at Paint Rock ISD.  Her two boys graduated from Miles ISD. Ms. Havlak is a Deputy Clerk in the Justice of the Peace’s Office at the Concho County Courthouse.  She has lived in Paint Rock for six years.

Mrs. Melissa Campos Infante has three children attending school in Paint Rock ISD.  She is a regular at school events and activities.  She is married to David Infante.  Mrs. Infante is a Deputy Clerk at the County Clerk’s Office at the Concho County Courthouse.  She is a graduate of Paint Rock High School.  She lives in Paint Rock and has for over thirty years.  Her kids have all attended PRISD since they were in Pre-K.   


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