Hello to All:


It has been a quiet week out here.  Except for the wind howling at 40 – 50 mph.   Cleaned out from under the carport pretty good.  It was dangerous to walk out there or for sure driving.   There was a good assortment of flying objects and none of them would do you any good.  Then the rain and the temp dropped and it was a miserable couple of days.

Mentioned my grand daughter Hannah a while back.  She entered a Tae Kwon Do competition in Dallas.  It was a national meet.  She placed 3rd  in her age class for form.  I thought that was pretty good for someone so new at martial arts.

Last Sunday, when day light savings ended, my cats again refused to recognize the  time change.  They are hungry by the time kept in their stomachs.  I am beginning to lean that way myself.  I think that we should take a poll, by state, and go with regular time if that is the majority of the vote.  For a part of the year it puts kids out on the sidewalk walking to school in the dark or waiting for a bus in the dark. Church was not well attended at all on Sunday.  Recon that many people missed the message about the time change?

My pear tree put out blossoms and was looking good and then we had 2 or 3 nights below freezing.  I am not sure if we will have pears this summer or not.

Did I mention that Talpa has a new citizen?  He is Levi River Anderson.  He weighed in at 6 lb 13 0z and 18” long.  His dad, Esley put on a gown and rubber gloves and with the doctor right at hand, delivered his own son.

That is an awesome way to bond with your son.  When my kids were born, they asked me to leave the room when it was feeding time.  They told me that it was too big of a risk to the hospital for someone to drop the baby or give him flu germs or whatever.  I think that is a bit too much.

So it goes out here in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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