Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Had our first day of 95º weather.

Think it is okay to turn off the pilot light to the gas heaters now.  Just going with the ceiling fans so far.  Putting off starting up the window units until it gets too hot inside. We have a huge unit in the attic that is not an air conditioner.  It is a heat pump.  It works just fine in a very limited span of heat degrees.  About from 80º to 90º.  That is for heat or cold weather.  Get out of that zone and it goes looking for heat or cool air and the electric bill goes up real fast and it doesn’t cool or heat too well.  So, we has natural gas run under the house and installed gas heat.  Works just fine for a fraction of what the heat pump costs.  Window A/C units work just fine, you don’t have to cool the whole house, just the rooms you use.

Last week I mentioned my brother in law, Jim, and what a fine mechanic he was.  There was something that I left out but it was not on purpose.  I knew him for a lot of years and just accepted him the way was.  The thing is, Jim only had tunnel vision in left eye and saw only black and white in his right eye.

He did his tear down of motors by feel.  When he put the motor back together and tuned it up, it was by touch and ear.  Way back when, I had a 1960 Pontiac.  It has the big 386 engine and got to running rough and I was complaining about the acceleration.  He thought that I was just used to it and wanted a faster getaway.  Probably so.  But Jim took that big 4 barrel carburetor apart on garage floor and put it back together and fiddled with the air/fuel mixture and the linkage  and other things and it actually ran a good bit better than it did new with just factory settings.  Not many people knew of Jim’s handicap and he didn’t make it an issue and probably never mentioned it to many people.  His mechanical ability is not missed as much as his sense of humor and being a stand up man in business matters,  served his time in the military and I never heard anyone say anything against him.  He was an excellent role model for his two sons and daughter. He was a good faithful husband to my sister.  One of his sons turned out to be more than a pretty fair diesel engine mechanic.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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