Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.   Well, there was a fair amount of thunder and wind blowing this last week.  Daily WARNING forecast from AccuWeather about flooding.  I am not saying that it won’t flood out here, just that if it does Coleman and Valera will also be under water.  I was wondering about  all the rain and if it would refill out aquifer in this area.

You can’t drill a water well in Talpa.  You have to go 10-15 miles North or South to get a well according to Mike Priddy.   He has been out here a long time so I recon he knows about digging dry wells.  I recall back when I lived in Reeves County the farmers were drilling 2,000 feet to try and get water.

In due time, they all gave it up and went elsewhere to farm.

 Try as I will, just can’t get the grass/weeds mowed.   The ground is too soft to mow with that little tractor.  That would leave deep ruts in the lawn.  Too tall to mow with the walk behind.  Do what I can and knock it down some way or another.  The weed wacker may be the only way I get any of it down.  Depending on who you talk to we have been getting 3” to 4” a week for the past few weeks. All the stock tanks look to be full.  When we were driving back from OK last week, the Red River was running bank to bank.  That is the first time that I have ever seen that. Most of the local lakes are at  their highest level in a number of years.  Lake O H Ivie is filled to 75%, I am told.

Judy and I went to one of her friends house the other day.  Her name is Janet Vaughn.  She has an apricot tree in her back yard and invited us to come pick a few  We nearly filled up a brown grocery store sack with ripe or nearly ripe apricots.  I thought Judy was going to eat all of them before we got home.  Not really, but they are sure enough good snacks.

Karter, aka Bubba, is walking now.  His mom sent us a video of him taking off and walking across the  room.  Now then, I told Cheritty ( his mom) to teach him to say “Bah”, what the rest of the kids call me.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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