Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Well, because we were gone again for most of the week.  We went to OK again for another one of the Great Grands birthday.

Chloe turned six years old and will start the first grade in a couple of weeks.  That was a surprise to me as we always started in September the first week after Memorial day.

I got to do  lot of kid wrangling.  Little Karter, aka Bubba, and I did a lot of quality time.  Last time I was there I got him to walking holding on to one of my fingers.  Now he can run across the room.  He sill goes “bonk” now and then but doesn’t cry, he just gets back up and goes at it again.  I still don’t have him calling me “Bah” like the rest but give me another week and I will have him speaking whole sentences.  He is  a smart little guy.  The  girls were a lot of fun and there were no flare ups as happens some times.

The weather was hot as blazes every day we were there.  On the big birthday

day, Saturday, one of their friends loaned us the biggest water play pool that I have ever seen.  It was nearly as big as the house.  It has a slide and spouts and  a trampoline type thing under the slide and steps going up.  I was tempted to get in myself but I have a hole in the knee of my swim suite.

There was a good showing of parents and children that are friends.  There was a lot of food and I did my part in making it disappear.

We left just as the party was over, which was about 3:00 pm.  I made it a point to see what the cattle in the pastures were doing this time.  There were no groups as there was last trip.  They were all over the pasture.  A few were standing in the stock ponds belly deep trying to get cool.  We stopped in Seymour at the Dairy Queen for a milk shake and stayed on the road.

We arrived in Talpa about 10:00 pm.  A long, hot trip but it was worth it.

I understand that in another week or so we go back and I Kid Wrangle while Judy and the girls go shopping for school clothes, one girl at a time.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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