Since taking over the Animal Control Officer position Julie Parsons has overseen many constructive changes. Some might say they are not enough, but it is hard to see what goes on behind the scenes. For the small town of Ballinger, in the year of 2018 and so far in 2019, the Animal Control Office has taken custody of 417 animals. Of these, 137 dogs were sent to rescue, 73 cats were sent to rescue, 12 were adopted to local area citizens, 50 were reclaimed by the owners, while 8 died of natural causes or had to be euthanized due to injuries, such as being hit by a car. Many of the rescues are transported out of state, either by ground or by air. Depending on the location.

Feral cats are deemed to be an issue by citizens, but talking with Officer Parsons gives insight into what is being done to control that. Once trapped the feral cats are taken to the vet to be spayed or neutered and given a rabies vaccine. they are then given an ear notch so they know that cat has been treated. These feral cats are then released back into the population, unable to reproduce. Having them in town helps to curb invasive species, such as mace and snakes. It is recommended to not feed the feral cats if they are in your area because they will then do what is natural to them and hunt for prey. Their prey are other animals that we don’t want in town.

Officer Parsons also wants everyone to be aware that you need to have your pets rabies vaccinated and registered with the city. If you get your pet the rabies vaccination and then bring the paperwork to the city you will be able to register your pet with the city. This allows them to get your animal back to you quicker in the event that they become lost. Cost of registration is $10 for a non spayed/neutered animal and $1 for a spayed/neutered one.

The Animal Control Shelter as always is overflowing with dogs. If you are looking to adopt there is no fee other than the cost of spaying/neutering and rabies vaccination. If there is a particular breed or type of dog you are looking to adopt let Officer Parsons know and she will keep an eye out for you. If you would like to adopt contact dispatch and let them know and they will arrange for Officer Parson to meet you at the shelter to look at the available animals.

The key to curbing our overwhelming stray animal population, as Officer Parsons puts it is, “Don’t get an animal that you don’t want. They want to be played with and spent time with. They want to be part of your family. If you want to get them to have as a lawn ornament, then just don’t.”

Donations are always in need and always accepted by the Ballinger shelter. Items of need include:

Dog food Dry
Can Dog food
Can cat food
Plastic shoe boxes or plastic hospital wash pans
Paper towels
Dawn dish soap
Metal water buckets
Metal food pans ,bowls
Spray disinfectant
Dog treats
Cat Litter
Bath towels
Potty pads
Laundry soap
Trash bags
Dog crates and carriers
Dog shampoo
Capstar flea pills

Old dog houses

Donations can be dropped off to the shelter at 308 S 7th Street Ballinger, Texas 76821 or at the Police Station 106 N 9th Street Ballinger, Texas 76821

Also needed are Kuranda Shelter dog beds. They can be purchased from this link and delivered directly to the shelter. Link below.

Donate Kuranda Shelter Bed

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