Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Even though I was here all week.

Not much has transpired.   The heat maybe has come down a few degrees.   My cats have come out of their hidey places (cooler spots to sleep in).  The more chubby one, Angel, has lost a lot of weight sleeping and not eating as much.  She might be making up for it now.

Talk to my friend, Rick Agnew, who lives down the road a bit. He plays football for the Panther Creek Panthers.   His report for a couple of weeks ago wasn’t too good.  They played Santa Anna and got it put on them pretty good.  However, his report for this week was much better.  The Panthers played Gustine.  I am not exactly sure of where Gustine is located.  But the panthers beat them 38 to 6.   Rick said the team got them selves together and practiced hard and turned the team around.  Rick made 12 tackles, 1 fumble recovery and one TD.  Their #1 , who plays receiver, make 3 TD’s.  The #5 made 2 TD’s.  They play on Thursday nights and I will try this next week to  be over there and watch them play Paint Rock.  I will also get the names of #1 and #5.

Just notice things now and then that I don’t really understand.  I saw an item for sell that is a kitchen gadget hanging up, attached to a cardboard  holder.  The title proclaimed “The Pioneer Woman Pizza Cutter”.  The first thing is, I don’t think that any pioneer woman ever saw a pizza. Then on the lower left hand side it said, “As useful as it is gorgeous”.  This is describing a common round pizza cutter with a red plastic handle.  There was also a picture of the “Pioneer Woman” and she didn’t look to have ever cooked over a camp fire and not much on a gas or electric range. But still, who wouldn’t want a gorgeous pizza cutter?

I will tell you who can cook.  Our neighbors from Louisiana who are  here for a break in farming, John and Nancy Moroni.  On Wednesday evening, we went over for one of his specialties,  grilled pork loin, a bowl of beans with lots veggies and meat added in and a bowl of creamed corn.

Tonight he brought over a bowl of chicken with new potatoes, carrots  and mushrooms and a couple of pieces of cornbread.  Sure will be sorry to see them leave for home. Not that Judy can’t cook up a good meal, don’t get me in trouble over that.  She just can’t make biscuits  as good as John does.  He has a secret process and we can’t pry it out of him.  It has something about beating the flour with a fork first.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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